And after years of hard work, that’s exactly what he did.

Today, Key West Boats is a family of passionate employees still working hard to deliver a product that places equal importance on both quality and value. We take great pride in our final product, and we’re committed to building a boat, and customer relationship, that lasts. We do that by bringing an artist’s attention to detail to every square inch of space, from the drive, to the ride, to the cast and catch. Because we know that the memories you make on the water are the memories that last a lifetime. And we want them all to be perfect.


Because we believe that Everyone deserves the chance to unwind on the water.

A Family History

Our family roots run deep—but just like our boats, we’ve evolved with time.


An idea takes shape. Inspired by a vision of producing high-quality boats for real people, Hutch Holseberg starts building boats out of molds from the now defunct Citation Boats Incorporated.


No turning back now. The 1700––the first boat to carry the Key West Boats name––is introduced.


The 1800CC hits the market. With two major models in the lineup, things are really moving along.


With the addition of the 1500CC, Key West Boats now has a model to meet the boating needs of just about any saltwater fisherman out there.


Key West Boats introduces the 1720CC––the model that would really put the company on the map. To this day, it’s still one of the most versatile, easy to own boats on the market.


The 1760 Stealth becomes a favorite among fishermen who value its combination of strength, speed, and shallow water capabilities.


It’s a big year as the company dips its toes into the blue water boat market with the unveiling of the 2000WA.


The 2300CC––the first twin engine introduction––lands Key West Boats legitimately in the offshore market. It’s followed by the 2300WA. With these two models, Key West Boats is officially a full-spectrum saltwater market manufacturer.


The 196CC, precursor to the 2020CC, is the biggest hit at boat shows this year. It leads to the 2020DC and then the 2020WA, each great compliments to the growing fleet.


Key west launches the 210LS “Oasis,” which offers maximum open space for recreational water sports, fishing, and entertaining all in one stylish and affordable craft.


The 186 series set the market on fire. The boats are perfect for families outgrowing their 1720s. Based on the success of the 2020 series, the 186CC and 186DC have innovations like removable stern jump seats and a European transom look.


The 268CC and 293CC are born. With the Kingfish tournament circuit growing rapidly, the 293CC is custom-tailored to the needs of serious tournament fishermen.


The market crash takes a toll on the boat industry. Many old brands shut down, and some change hands. But Key West Boats is one of the few that keeps building throughout the downturn.


Hutch and company emerge from the crisis with the Family Sportsman series, beginning with the 189FS. They also start updating the bay boat models and introduce the tournament-ready 210BR: the first bay boat in its class with a standard potty room under the console.


The FS series releases continue with the 203FS. And on the bay boat front, the 230BR is unveiled. Together with last year’s 210BR, the two models make Key West Boats a player in the serious bay boat market with their combination of performance and family-friendly features.


Two of the hottest models on the market to this day are released: the 219FS and the 239FS in 2013. Loaded with features for both family comfort and serious fishing, they provide the best in safety and performance.


The innovative 263FS joins the fleet. With its 22 rod holders (not to mention horizontal storage racks under the gunnels), it’s better equipped than most dedicated fishing boats in its class.


The lineup grows with the addition of the 250BR and its next-level storage capacity.


The nimble 188BR is released, a bay boat with big water performance in an affordable to own and operate package.


Production expands as Key West Boats continues the dream of getting everyone out on the water.