The America’s Cup is widely thought to be one of the hardest trophies to win in sports. In 150 years, only 4 countries have won the trophy. Despite what it may seem, the competition is named after a boat, rather than the country. 150 years ago, a schooner named America, manned by men from New York, won the 100 Guinea Cup off the south coast of England. The Guinea Cup was a sailing race and was watched by Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom that year. As a schooner representing the New York Yacht Club, this victory held symbolic importance in the world in 1851. This victory over the best British competitors marked the end of Great Britain as the undisputed maritime power of the world then. After returning to New York, the ownership syndicate of the America gave the trophy to the New York Yacht Club, as a Deed of Gift. This stipulated that the trophy would be used as an ongoing challenge cup to perpetuate friendly competition between different nations. Thus began the America’s Cup.

This year, the 35th America’s Cup is being presented by Louis Vuitton. The previous victors, Team Oracle USA, will compete against other nations to defend the trophy. This year, 6 teams are competing for the Cup. These teams hail from the United States, New Zealand, France, Japan, the United Kingdom and Sweden. Currently the Emirates Team of New Zealand are in first place. The first stage of the program began in the summer of 2015, and will last until the finals in 2017. The final competition will be held in Bermuda next year. The Luis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series is a boat racing competition featuring some of the most skilled sailor’s in the world. These sailors man 45 foot long wing-sailed catamarans.

The Louis Vuitton America’s World Cup Series is scheduled to take place in multiple countries around the globe. It started off in Portsmouth, UK in July of 2015. Later that year, it was also hosted in Gothenburg, Sweden as well as in Bermuda. This year, the competition sailed to Muscat Oman, and then to 2 destinations in the United States, New York and Chicago. Following that, the America’s Cup World Series is slated to be in Portsmouth again next month, followed by a stop in Toulon, France. One last venue has yet to be announced, before the culmination in Bermuda in 2017.

This year, however, the Louis Vuitton America’s World Cup Series does not just involve sailing races. It also boasts a replica of the original America schooner, which is the official ambassador of the competition. On the itinerary are also live multi-media presentations for Yacht Clubs, other organizations, and maritime racing fans. These presentations give an intimate view of what is known as the oldest trophy in the sporting world. Sometimes, on special occasions, the actual America’s Cup Trophy can also be seen on display.